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Project: Cut your CO2 footprint with the Carbon Neutral Dance

Bremley Lyngdoh has developed a concept called the Carbon Neutral Dance (CND) to raise funds to cover the start-up costs for local branches of World Impact in Togo, Ghana and Kenya.

Bremley organises a venue and some entertainment (live music). The idea is that people reduce their carbon footprint by dancing. The fee they pay at the door goes towards sustainable development projects that offset carbon in various countries around the world.

Bremley came to New Ideas for Africa (29/04/09) to think about how he could reduce his costs – venue hire and logistics eat heavily into his takings at the door – and to explore the market for this kind of event, especially among people in the diaspora.

Suggestions included working with artistes from Africa, finding sponsors to cover the cost of logistics, piggybacking on other events and using new media to build the CND brand.


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