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New Ideas for Africa lands in Lagos

The long awaited debut of New Ideas for Africa in Lagos is finally here.

New Ideas for Africa is a monthly event happening in London and Johannesburg since May 2007. At the event, people interested in the positive transformation of the Africa meet to share insights and network around ideas and projects they are working on that benefit people and communities.

In August 2010, New Ideas for Africa arrives in Lagos, Nigeria with the theme “The Leaders Nigeria needs”

Election 2011 is around the corner and the question on everybody’s mind is what we can do to get it right this time. We all hope that this time we can ensure the right leaders are elected into public office across Nigeria.

* But what is the make-up of these right leaders?

* And how do we differentiate them from the many people already throwing their names into the hat to run for public office in 2011?

* How can the public make the right choice on elections day?

* But more importantly, how can we still keep these people in check after they have been elected?

Many projects exist to develop the right leaders for Nigeria and to ensure people’s votes count in 2011. At this month’s New Ideas for Africa, we will have the opportunity to interact with these projects and the people behind them. The session will be very interactive as is our usual practice at these events.

Please extend this invitation to anyone in your network who has an interest in seeing Nigeria led by the right people or just interested in networking with people interested in the social transformation of Nigeria and Africa.

Event details as follows:

Date: 11th August 2010

Time: 18h30 – 21h00

Venue: Quez’ ville, Eko Gym and Spa Complex, 9b Akarigbere Close, Off Idejo, Off Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos

Contribution: N1000 to support the costs of the event (includes light refreshment)

RSVP: Femi at or 08136241976 by 9th August, 2010

We look forward to a fun, inspiring and knowledge sharing evening!


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Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

This is an inspiring presentation about how Africa is percieved and why this often negative perception exists. I think we have a collective responsibility to create and tell the other sides to our story.


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Distinguishing good aid from bad aid

This is how my hero, President Paul Kagame from Rwanda distinguishes good aid from bad aid:

Good aid, if you will, is assistance with a purpose – the purpose to support a countries’ development in their own terms, for the benefit of many not the few. In contrast, bad aid is often tied to vested interests and does little to promote real development.


– New Ideas for Africa –

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Welcome to New Ideas for Africa

a++ logoNew Ideas for Africa is a network facilitated by Africa++, that brings together Africans and friends of Africa who would like to make a difference for communities in our home continent through business ventures, social entrepreneurship and charitable ventures.

We run a monthly ideas workshop in London and Johannesburg  where individuals can come to develop their project ideas for as well as tap into the inspiration from the activities of other people.

We also run activities that support individuals in the African diaspora and budding social entrepreneurs to develop their project ideas through collaborating with supportive individuals and institutions.

People anywhere can connect with us online at: or on Facebook.

If you’re based in London, you can also join us on

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Social Innovation Tour to South Africa | 19th – 24th May 2009

Hi everyone,

Africa++ and i-Genius are hosting a social innovation tour to South Africa which is supported by the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Please contact if you would like a copy of the brochure and booking details.

I look forward to inviting you to SA!


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Sometimes a company’s best CSI contribution is to simply do their job

This blog will be posted a few days after being written. Why? Read on….

I am currently on a mini-retreat in a little town called Marguard in the Free State Province of South Africa. The closest description I can make is to ask of you to picture Wild West movies. This is a one-horse-town made up of people who are friendly and all know each other. Although obvious; I was frequently asked if I am a visitor in town when in a store or by passing citizens who always wave, smile and greet.

When visiting the internet café yesterday to enquire about making a Skype conference call the owner told me that it would be impossible. Today I went over to visit the café again to access my webmail. The owner warned me that the process would be frustrating. Frustrating it was! It took me about five minutes to open a single webpage! The wearisome owner then went on to tell me that he approached our national telecommunications company Telkom to request that they lay an ADSL line in the area. Telkom’s response was that should 20 people request that a line be installed 53 people have collected request forms but only 13 have submitted thus far. The battle continues…

Marguard is not only cut off from the rest of our nation, but the global community as well. Telkom could rightfully argue that there is no sufficient clientele to justify their effort to lay down the ADSL line. I however see an opportunity to create end-users. The neighbouring communities would benefit as well; a service to schools would be provided and enhancing the education and exposure of our younger population.

I have come to understand that there are quite a few so-called national service providers that mostly cater to the bustling cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Are we creating pockets of educational points? Perhaps improving working conditions on several spheres in these remote villages would slow the rate of urbanization? I suggest that companies that have a positive contribution to make to the development agenda do so by first examining how their core business offering can deliver efficiently to the masses.

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Social Innovation Camp and us

Last week, we had Anna Maybank from the Social Innovation Camp at the New Ideas for Africa session in London. Her intro on what SI Camp is doing bringing together social innovators and techies sparked an interesting idea from Raymond around mobile phones and tourism which he should be taking to the next SI Camp weekend in December.

Sometime in 2009, we hope to host a joint Ideas evening with SI Camp where we will focus on connecting people with ideas for Africa with programmers who can support with delivering the appropriate platform to make it happen. Possibly from the evening we might birth the next myC4, Kiva or nabuur, who knows

Till then, I’ll just make a quick plug for the next SI Camp call for ideas. If you have a socially innovative idea which needs a technology platform, submit your idea on their site by the 7th of November and come meet people who can help convert this idea into reality at the weekend of 5th-7th December. More details here

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