New Ideas for Africa is a network facilitated by Africa++a++, that brings together Africans and friends of Africa who would like to make a difference for communities in our home continent through business ventures, social entrepreneurship and charitable ventures.

We run a monthly ideas workshop in London and Johannesburg  where individuals can come to develop their project ideas for as well as tap into the inspiration from the activities of other people.

We also run activities that support individuals in the African Diaspora and budding social entrepreneurs to develop their project ideas through collaborating with supportive individuals and institutions.

What people are saying about New Ideas for Africa:

“I am inspired, individuals who have participated are so authentic!”


“I am determined to keep going, keep talking, keep connecting”

“It was interesting to hear what others are doing, there is so much overlap!”

“This is the value of (positive) peer pressure, one can learn from various people”

“I met like-minded people, new friends. Lots of energy here, I’m glad I came”

“Take this inspiration to your circle of influence”

“I’m looking forward to next year’s sessions. I’m definitely part of this community!”

“It takes a little to do good. Some reflection is required from me, there’s a whole lot I can still do!”


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  • 1. Clive Booth  |  April 19, 2010 at 9:14 am

    This is an idea whose time has come. I hope I can actively participate in the london events in future.

    Best wishes and good luck with this,



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