Session on ‘Realizing innovative ideas for a transforming Joburg’

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Our theme for this month’s NIfA session held on 16th March generated a lot of enthusiasm. Attended by change-makers who are both passionate about the future of Johannesburg and have thought through possibilities on how to generate change.

The session was co-hosted by The Hub, a social enterprise with the ambition to inspire and support imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a better world. The Hub is a global community of people from every profession, background and culture working at ‘new frontiers’ to tackle the world’s most pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges.

True to the global reach of both New Ideas for Africa as well as The Hub, this session was attended by a huge international contingent: MBA students from Duke University in the US, quite a number of people from Holland (including a Hub host from Rotterdam) and Switzerland.

Since The Hub aims to be locally relevant, we intend to explore how it can respond to the support requirements of these socially entrepreneurial change-makers.

Some insights and actions from the session:

Joburg is a cosmopolitan home with a soul. It still has gold, but a new kind – it’s people and her willingness to change.


–       to bridge the Sandton/CBD divide – transport connecting the two

–       to influence legislature

–       a common course of action to rally behind

–       social cohesion

–       inspirational, ethical leadership

–       to connect with each other across diversity

–       less competition, more collaboration

–       efficient public transport

–       high level of education in public schools

–       how do we make Joburg more playful?


–       connect people willing to change – bring “all” the voices into the room

–       bring people to a common place/energy

–       broaden personal horizons – exposure beyond the suburbs

–       regular meetings with strangers – possibility of new conversations

–       to create a movement to change mindsets

–       attend social clubs

–       volunteer in public schools

The vibrancy in the room was electric with several people stepping forward to contribute to creating The Hub, Johannesburg as well as starting New Ideas for Africa in their home communities.


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